TauC3 Biologics’ overall strategy is to target neurotoxic protein fragments that directly drive disease pathology in neurodegenerative diseases.  Specifically, we target N- or C-terminus neoepitopes of toxic proteins involved in these diseases that are formed at the ends of fragments of the proteins generated through proteolytic cleavage.

The company’s lead candidate, TBL-100, is a picomolar affinity humanized monoclonal antibody that C-terminally truncated tau fragment known as tauC3.  TBL-100’s affinity for tauC3 is 1000-fold greater than for full-length tau (FLT).  While tauC3 exists in lower abundance than FLT or N-terminally truncated tau species, it exerts disproportionately large pathological effects. The high affinity and specificity of the antibody are expected to translate into improved efficacy and safety compared to other tau antibodies currently in development.  TC3B collaborated with LifeArc to humanize and characterize TBL-100.